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PVOL 350 Tools and Techniques for Operations and Maintenance

CIAPR/Solar Energy-Online-PV TOOLS AND-mayo2021 05/17/2021 de 8:00AM a 5:00PM

Curso totalmente virtual, inicia el 17 de mayo de 2021.  Tendrá hasta 6 semanas para completarlo!

¡Suma horas de contacto profesional con los cursos de Solar Energy International (SEI)!

El curso en inglés PVOL350: PV SYSTEMS - TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE te otorga 40 horas técnicas para ingenieros.

As more and more PV systems come online, the operations and maintenance (O&M) field is rapidly expanding. This course trains PV technicians to safely and effectively perform O&M tasks, including inspections, commissioning, performance verification, and troubleshooting. Students will become familiar with a wide range of advanced analytical tools, meters, and techniques – such as insulation resistance testers, I-V curve tracers, and infrared cameras. Learn the theory and practical applications from instructors with real-world experience, using curriculum developed by an industry-leading team of experts. This course is applicable to all sizes of grid-direct PV systems including residential, commercial, and large-scale; it does not cover battery maintenance or medium voltage-specific O&M. Fleet operations and system data managers will also find this course challenging and valuable.


Pre-requisito: Es requisito haber aprobado el curso 101 con SEI o rendir un examen de conocimiento online y gratuito para poder tomarlo. Solicita el examen a

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Técnicos 40.00

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US$ 645.00