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CIAPR/Solar Energy-Online-NOV-2021 11/01/2021 de 8:00AM a 5:00PM

CURSO PVOL304 Advanced PV Stand-Alone System Design (Battery-Based) 

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El curso en inglés PVOL304: Advanced PV Stand-Alone System Design (Battery-Based) te otorga 40 horas de contacto.

The PV industry began with off-grid systems, and with so many new applications for stand­-alone power, equipment advancements and cost reductions, the energy storage sector is growing like never before. This advanced course covers detailed load analysis, charge controllers, PV array sizing, stand-­alone inverters, as well as numerous design examples that address the wide-ranging specifics of off­-grid applications. Also covered is generator sizing and integration, maintenance for stand-­alone systems, National Electrical Code (NEC®) requirements, and a healthy dose of best practices that have been learned through years of experience. Advance your PV knowledge well beyond where the grid goes!

Pre-requisito: Es requisito haber aprobado el curso 101 con SEI o rendir un examen de conocimiento online y gratuito para poder tomarlo. Solicita el examen a


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