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CIAPR/SE206-NOV-2021 11/01/2021 de 8:00AM a 5:00PM

¡Suma horas de contacto profesional con los cursos de Solar Energy International (SEI)!


El curso en inglés PVOL206: Solar Business And Technical Sales te otorga 60 horas de contacto.

There are many opportunities for different careers in the residential PV industry, including the business and sales side. Addressing topics from the NABCEP PV Technical Sales job task analysis, PVOL206 focuses on important technical considerations for PV sales professionals, including financial analysis and system financing. Through insightful presentations and instruction from experts working in the field, the course covers technical details needed to assess potential residential PV sites and to create and present accurate sales proposals. Concepts discussed in detail include: site safety, customer qualification, solar site analysis, creating conceptual design proposals, performance modeling, system costing, incentives and rebates, financial-benefit analyses, financing options, and the non-financial benefits of photovoltaic systems. This course is geared toward students who are interested in, or who already are working in, the business or sales side of the residential PV industry and are looking to improve their knowledge and sales techniques or are working towards the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification.


Pre-requisito: Es requisito haber aprobado el curso 101 con SEI o rendir un examen de conocimiento online y gratuito para poder tomarlo. Solicita el examen a


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