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PVOL 303 Advanced PV Multimode and Microgrid Design

CIAPR/Solar Energy-Online-july2024 07/01/2024 de 8:00AM a 5:00PM

Curso totalmente virtual. Tendrá hasta 6 semanas para completarlo!

El curso en inglés PVOL303: Advanced PV Multimode and Microgrid Design (Battery-Based) te otorga 40 horas de contacto técnicas a Ingenieros.

Multimode systems are complex energy storage systems that can operate in utility interactive or island mode – and the market for these systems is experiencing exponential growth. Whether providing backup power when the grid is down, operating in self consumption mode, or reducing peak demand charges, there are numerous use cases for PV systems with energy storage that interact with the utility grid. Lessons include detailed design considerations for AC and DC coupled systems, along with analyzing equipment specifications and thorough design examples. National Electrical Code (NEC®) and other code requirements are addressed in detail along with best practice design considerations for battery-based systems.

Pre-requisito: Es requisito haber aprobado el curso 101 con SEI o rendir un examen de conocimiento online y gratuito para poder tomarlo. Solicita el examen a


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Técnicos de Ingeniería 40.00

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US$ 695.00